Take a Part and Win $6,000,000 in Bags2riches Game Giveaway


The largest advantage of every American family would be food expenditure. Simply purchase your grocery store at engaging Cost Chopper or Marketplace Bistro location and buy Bags2Riches match tickets for the opportunity to win a lot of excellent prizes worth more than $6,000,000 from the game which call “Take a Part and Win $6,000,000 in Bags2riches Game Giveaway”.


Limit: The minimum age requirement to go into the Cost Chopper Bags2Riches give-away is 18 decades. You’re permitted to receive 25 on the web Win admissions every day.

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To take part in the purchase price Chopper Bags2Riches giveaway, you’ll need Bags2Riches game tickets that can be gotten via two ways: purchase and also without purchase. There’s a limitation of 1 2 game tickets every day, irrespective of method.

Purchase: Purchase anything in some other engaging Price Chopper or Marketplace Bistro location together with your AdvantEdge card. You may receive one Bags2Riches match ticket for every $25 you pay.

Free: Hand printing your entire title, AdvantEdge Card number, address, telephone number and email address in a “3×5” card together with a brief article describing what you enjoy best about Price Chopper Shop and send it at a self addressed, stamped envelope to:

Price Chopper Bags2Riches No Purchase Tickets

600 Main Street, #300

Tonawanda, NY 14151-0888

After having the Sport ticket, then open it to learn what’s inside: FREE food decoration or reduction, on the web PIN or decals.

There are 3 ways

Immediate Win Prizes and Instant Discounts: In case your ticket shows the message “You Win!” Or “Save $1.00 away”, then you’re winner of quick Win Prize or even Instant Discount. People that win a complimentary food prize or reduction for the favourite Cost Chopper services and products will attract the winning ticket into engaging store and swipe at their AdvantEdge card to redeem the decoration.

On the web Win: In case your own ticket shows a exceptional PIN to play with online, then log on to www.bags2richesgame.com and follows the following guidelines to utilize the Express Entry or even to find enroll and enter your PIN.

Collect to acquire: In case your ticket shows three decals, then collect and then fit decals to accomplish 1 of 11 categories in the Collector Card.

After you finish a amass to acquire decoration mix, you want a Win Submission Kit. Win Submission Kit can be obtained through two manners:

Store: Grab a Win Submission Kit out of Guest Services in any given shop and follow the instructions located at the kit.

Mail: Send a self addressed, stamped envelope to Cost Chopper Bags2Riches, 600 Main Street, #300, Tonawanda, NY 14151-0888. Do not forget to say “Submission Kit” at the bottom left corner of this duvet.

Double-up Sweepstakes:

Set any 10 replicate stickers in the Dual Upward Sweepstakes Entry Form within the Collector Card and email the completed submission form:

Price Chopper Bags2Riches Double-up Sweepstakes, 600 Main St., #300, Tonawanda, NY 14151-0888.

Immediate Win Prizes/discounts

Immediate Reviews of $1.00

Immediate Win Prizes

(5) $10,000.00 Cash

(100) $1,000.00 Cash

(25) Free Gas for a Year (ARV: $2,600)

(1000) $50.00 Price Chopper Gift-card

(49,380) Polar Soft Drink, Seltzer or Mixer (ARV: $1)

(49,380) Knorr Pasta or Rice Sides (ARV: $1.00)

(49,380) Chobani Greek Yogurt Excluding Chobani Flips (ARV: $1.00)

(49,380) Hunt’s Pasta Sauce (ARV: $1.00)

(16,460) Jif Peanut Butter (ARV: $3.00)

(16,460) Quaker Instant Oatmeal All Routine (ARV: $3.00)

(16,460) Nature Valley Granola Bars (ARV: $3.00)

(16,510) Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (ARV: $2.99)

(62,500) Fresh Bananas (ARV: $1.50)

(93,750) Navel Oranges Fresh Sweet Seedless (ARV: $1.00)

(26,860) PICS Hummus (ARV: $3.49)

(15,650) Whole Rotisserie Chicken (ARV: $5.99)

(50,710) Price Chopper Pasta (ARV: $1.00)

(25,360) PICS Potato Chips, Tortilla Chips or Popcorn (ARV: $2.00)

(20,370) PICS ice-cream (ARV: $2.49)

(1,086) Price Chopper or PICS Rising Crust Pizza (ARV: $3.99)

(39,310) PICS white-bread (ARV: $1.29)

(20,290) Price Chopper Natural Sliced Cheese (ARV: $2.50)

(33,810) Price Chopper or PICS Salad Dressing (ARV: $1.50)

(154,490) New Bagel (ARV: $0.89)

(154,490) New Donut (ARV: $0.89)

(106,590) New Muffin (ARV: $1.29)

(69,100) Italian Bread (ARV: $1.99)

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Collect to triumph:

(1) Grand prize: Just $1,000,000

(3) 2017 Cadillac XT5 OR $50,000

(5) $25,000 Kitchen Make over

(5) $10,000

(25) Free Groceries for a Year

(50) Free Gas For a Year

(750) $250.00 Price Chopper Gift-card

(2000) $50.00 Price Chopper Gift-card

Double-up Sweepstakes Prizes:

$5,000 at Sunoco Present Cards and $5,000 Holiday Getaway.

Online Sweepstakes Prizes:

(78) $100.00 Price Chopper Gift-card

(10) Free Gas for a Year awards

(1) Grand Prize $10,000.00 Cash

(1) Earlybird – $10,000.00 Luxury Hot Spa / Home Spa