5 Truth Or Dare Game from 5 Gum Sweepstakes Challenge


Folks are able to be better with experience holiday which gives them a more demanding rest in the work, fosters their confidence, and gives the chance to do some thing different, exciting and thrilling with your own children, family and friends. Want to undergo a sensory experience of a life? Simply have a Role in 5 Truth Or Dare Game from 5 Gum Sweepstakes Challenge to catch an opportunity to win those five sensory experiences of a life – watch the Northern Lights at Sweden, slip through a luminous Bio Bay at Puerto Rico, place foot within an energetic Hawaiian Volcano, participate in this Yi Peng Lantern Festival at Thailand and attend a Music Festival in Austin, Texas. At the same time, you’ll win free music downloads immediately.


Limit: Daily, 1 game-play or sweepstakes entrance is permitted to any or all eligible entrants that are at least 1-3 decades old during entrance.

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So as to take part in the second win game and sweepstakes, then you must get specially marked package of 5 Gum to acquire official entrance code published inside this bundle enclosure. Open the package carefully in order to avoid unintentionally ruining the code indoors. From then on, see site www.5truthordare.com and check out on the web education to publish code.

If you’re first time users of the website, then you need to enroll to your advertisements together with all essential details such as name, mailing address, date of birth, and day telephone number (with area code) and email address. Whenever you put in your code, then you’ll receive on screen message telling you whether you’re possible winner of the Instant Win Game Prize. At the same time, you’ll get 1 entrance into this grand prize sweepstakes.

Entrant may get code without even purchasing too. Because of this, they must see internet site and click the “Do not have a Code?” Link and follow the on line directions. From then on, the code is going to soon be for you personally at the email address that you provided upon enrollment.

Throughout the promotion phase, they are going to choose 100,000 minute win trophy winners along with 5 grand prize winners.

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Instant Win Prizes: Give range of a audio down load from one of a catalogue of select audio downloads. (ARV of every game decoration: $1.20)

5 Sweepstakes Grand Prizes:

1st. A visit for four to go to a music festival. Trip package consists of air transport, 6 nights hotel accommodations, entrance for winner and up to 3 guests to wait a music festival, and also $2, 000 spending money in kind of test.

2nd. A visit for four to observe a bioluminescent bay from Puerto Rico. Trip package is composed of air transport, six night’s hotel lodging, and a guided boat tour with a bioluminescent bay, and also $2, 000 spending money on form of test.

3rd. A Vacation for two to Sweden and also a Opportunity to visit the Northern Lights (need to traveling between November and March of 2019). Trip package consists of air transport, four nights hotel accommodations, at the mercy of ecological states, to find the Northern Lights from town of Harads over looking the Lule River Valley and $1,500 spending money on form of attention.

4th. A visit for four to take part in a directed lava increase into Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. Trip includes air transport, six nights hotel accommodation, ground transports, a directed lava increase to Kilauea Volcano, and $1,000 spending money on form of attention.

5th. A visit for two to take part within the Yi Peng lantern festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand scheduled to occur on November 15th and 16th, respectively 2015 (Must traveling from November 11, 2018 during November 16, 2018). Package includes two nights’ hotel accommodations in Bangkok along with additional around trip in Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand, 3 night hotel accommodations in Chiang Mai, chance to take part within the Yi Peng lantern holiday and $1,000 for earning money while in the kind of a test.