Using Your Credit Card To Buy Bulk Kratom

As a kratom consumer, you are probably asking yourself if it’s possible to purchase it using your credit card. The good news is that you can get various vendors who accept this mode of payment. This piece gives you vital details about the suppliers and why you need to buy kratom in bulk using your credit card.

Where To Buy Bulk Kratom With Credit Card

You may have faced various challenges trying to identify bulk kratom sellers since local shops offer standard rates. Some of the vendors who offer you a chance to buy bulk kratom with credit card include;

Kratom Crazy

Kratom Crazy offers you high-quality capsules or powder kratom and maintains one of the lowest rates in the market. You can access them on their online platform, which has a straight forward interface and use your credit card to make payments. The brand has had an excellent reputation; thus, many smoke shops are also making orders from kratom crazy. Occasionally, they offer discounts to attract more clients.

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom offers you an excellent opportunity to make purchases of the product in powder form. The company has a lot of backing from credit card processing firms, thanks to its outstanding reputation. Additionally, the brand is an approved member of the American Kratom Association due to its high standards. You can get a package of up to 225g or contact them to get a preferred deal.

TGM Kratom Shop

TGM Kratom shop has grown to become one of the best kratom websites that allow credit card payments. The site’s popularity has increased owing to its top-notch quality coupled with reasonable market rates. You can also get a variety of strains to satisfy every clients’ taste. A good example is Maeng Da Kratom, which TGM avails in bulk and still cheap.

Why You Need To Buy Bulk Kratom With Credit Card

In most cases, kratom sellers avail the product in smaller quantities at retail prices. However, getting kratom in large amounts assures you of some benefits such as;

You Get More For Less

If you are a regular client or looking to resell, you need to get a vendor who can offer you kratom in bulk. As a result, you will make some savings, especially from online stores that accept credit cards.

Guaranteed Freshness

Note that kratom is a naturally occurring substance; thus, proper preservation maintains high-quality standards. Excellent storage practices ensure that it maintains high-quality standards. Therefore, when you buy the product in bulk, you eliminate such risks, making it potent.

You Get Better Quality

Not all vendors will offer you an opportunity to buy kratom in bulk and use your credit card to make payments. Only the established sellers have the qualifications to provide the product in large quantities. Further, they have the certifications to process credit card payments, making it hustle free.


Modes of payments have evolved in almost every sector; thus, you can now use your credit card to make kratom bulk purchases on various platforms, as discussed above. Whether it’s for personal consumption or resale, you get the best quality at the cheapest rates.

What is the Best Vlogging Camera for beginners?

With the increasing trend in YouTube vlogging, everybody wants to start his vLogging channel on YouTube. There are surely a lot of benefits to start a YouTube channel and publishing videos on it. But the question is how to start vLogging and what are the gadgets you need for vlogging purposes? Here are the answer to all of your questions about vLogging.

Gadgets Needed for Shooting vLogs for Beginner vLoggers

There are several things which you need to shoot professional grade videos for your YouTube channel. Therefore if you are just a newbie vLogger, you should not opt for professional video equipment. I would recommend you to buy a video shooting gear for that’s good for beginner or mediocre vLoggers. Here is the list of the gadgets you should buy at the very beginning of your vLogging career.

  1. A good video camera
  2. Camera tripod
  3. Video lights
  4. Gimble

Choosing a Camera for YouTube Videos

A good video camera to shoot videos for your YouTube channel should have the following features:

  1. Frame Rate – The world is going on high definition videos. Its strongly recommended to find a good camera that shoots video on 4K frame rate.
  2. Aspect Ratio – The camera should support an aspect ratio of 16:9 for HD videos and for SD videos it should support 4:3. However, you can ignore the latest since people love watching HD videos so focus on 16:9 aspect ratio.
  3. File Format – It is recommended to find out what file formats are supported by your camera. The most popular format is MP4 however you can also see if that supports AVI, WMV and MOV.
  4. Mirrorless – The new generation cameras are mirrorless cameras. These cameras are pricey as compared to the old generation cameras. Therefore, its strongly recommended to buy a mirrorless camera for shooting videos. These cameras tend to focus sharp and quickly than the old generation cameras.

You can either search and find a good camera for youtube yourself of check out this list of good cameras for vLogging. The list includes 4 best cameras for beginner YouTube vLoggers, therefore you can find out some cheaper cameras at the very beginning of your vLogging career.

Price of a Good Camera for Beginner YouTubers

This is a very big questions that comes in someone’s mind before buying cameras and starting career as YouTube vLogger. The answer is not certain since different brands have different features and prices. Therefore you can get some good idea of prices and features and find a sweet spot between the two.

Most of the beginner video cameras cost you from $300-$500. Even you can find out some good cameras in this price range and buy a good branded camera. There are a lot camera brands available, but I would recommend you to keep yourself limited to Canon, Nikon or Sony cameras.


Buying a good video camera at the very start of your vLogging career can help you start shooting professional video on your YouTube channel. There are several technical features that you should look at before buying a camera. The 4K cameras are popular these days to its strongly recommended to buy a 4K compliant camera.

Drop Shipping vs. Affiliate Marketing – Which is Better?

Affiliate marketing and drop shipping are some of the top ways you can earn money online. If you are new to the digital marketing world, you may be confused by these terms and even not be sure which you should consider. So, what is the difference between dropshipping and affiliate marketing? There is a need to understand the pros and cons of each of these passive income models to determine which is perfect for you.

The truth is that both these methods require a lot of hard work. It is unfortunate that most people get online thinking they can become rich within a few months. That is a common mistake. It does not matter whether you are in affiliate marketing, dropshipping, or other online business, consistent effort is required to take your business to another level.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping can be defined as an e-commerce business model where you do not keep the products. In this case, you pass the orders to suppliers who ship it to customers. Thus, you earn money through arbitrage.

Benefits of Dropshipping

Easy to Start

Ideally, you can start the business with nearly no investment at all. The truth is that it is a lucrative venture that offers you rights over different products. In most cases, what a drop shipper needs are hosting and domain and a WordPress website with dropshipping enabled.

Several Opportunities to Earn

The reason a lot of people venture is that with affiliate marketing, they only get fixed commissions on the products they can sell. However, with intelligent advertising platforms, they can target every buyer who needs their products and pay only when they get the product. That is even after covering the costs of hosting, customer service, and advertisements. In fact, you can get a higher commission as compared to affiliate marketing.

Cons of Dropshipping

Like any other business, dropshipping has disadvantages. First, you need to provide customer support. For instance, whenever customers place orders, you ought to keep them in the loop by updating them about the time of delivery. Also, you have minimal control over shipping. That explains why some of the products may get delivered late.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be defined as a business model where you promote offers of another business, and you earn a commission when referrals purchase the offers. When you compare it with dropshipping, you do not have to provide customer support or handle orders. Ideally, you only need to earn and promote.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that it is free to enter. In fact, prominent ecommerce stores are free to join. If you are interested, you can join to promote their products and earn a commission. Your only cost is to purchase domain and hosting.

The main disadvantage of affiliate marketing is that it is commission-based. That is because you are paid in commissions.